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Last Updated: July 19, 2016 @ 3:09 pm


Help for Using Our Site

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Navigation Tabs
    Click on the tabs at the top of each page to visit the major sections of our Web site.
    To return to the Home Page, just click the “Home” tab.
    These areas of the page contain information to which we want to provide easy access at all times. The LEFT sidebar lists Announcements, Calendar of Events and News Items — click on any of these items for more information. The RIGHT sidebar contains the Search Box and lists our Current Sponsors — click on any of these items for more information.
News Items
    The “News Items” section in the LEFT sidebar takes you to our News stories. The stories are arranged in date order starting with the most recent item. It’s possible to provide comments about a particular News story provided we’ve enabled the comments section for that story. Simply enter your comments and optionally your contact information, then click the Submit button. We read all comments and reserve the right to reject any we find unsuitable for display. Once we publish your comments you can see them online by clicking on the associated News story.
    To find information when you’re not sure about its location on our site, use the Search Box at the top of the RIGHT sidebar on each page. Type a word or phrase in the box, click the Search button and we will display links to any information we have about the your word or phrase. Then, just click on one of these links to see more details.